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We, at Donald Aitken Associates, have dedicated our lives to helping individuals and companies, communities and cities, states and nations, fulfill their missions and goals through policies and buildings that are in harmony and balance with the Earth's natural systems. We believe that we are, thus, contributing to sustainability in the truest sense, while enhancing the quality of life of our clients and the strength and stability of their cultural and economic support systems.

Useful Resources - Additional resources are being prepared to add to this page.

Breathing Better: Indoor Air Quality Solutions. PDF file (2.57 MB file size) of November 4, 2003 powerpoint presentation by Barbara Harwood to the Nonprofit Housing Association of Northern California and the Affordable Housing Coalition. This was a synopsis of the how-to's of building systems, materials and techniques for healthy indoor air quality and mold and moisture control in affordable housing for a mixed climate. Click here for pdf file.

Putting it Together: Whole Buildings and a Whole Building Policy. MS Word (119 KB file size) copy of a September, 1998, research report prepared by Donald Aitken for the Renewable Energy Policy Project (REPP). It presents an integrating policy and R&D framework for the 21st century, giving an economic argument for enhanced, stable and long term federal support in a more efficient policy framework. Topics covered include the technical nature of buildings and how energy inputs can be reduced both external and internal to the building; the significant energy use and environmental impacts of buildings; the significance of "external" building economics; the nature of the buildings industry; the evolution of the "Whole Buildings" federal policy framework; and comprehensive recommendations for an integrated federal whole buildings policy. Click here for document.

The Sanborn Principles for Sustainable Development - Written at a 1994 meeting of experts (Amory Lovins, Dr. Paul MacCready, and others of their stature) in such diverse fields as energy efficiency, renewable energy, single-family and multiple-family housing, anthropology, sociology, water conservation, and transportation, these timeless principles provide clear, cross-cultural guidelines for sustainable development throughout the world. Click here for description and pictures.

SMUD PV Program Review. MS Word copy (495 KB file size) of a December 30, 2000 report, co-authored by Donald Aitken with Warren Schirtzinger of High Tech Strategies, Inc., and Steven Strong of Solar Design Associates. This report describes the history, framework and experience of the remarkable PV program by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, and makes recommendations for extending the program into a future more market-based activity. It is useful to present here because it also supplies information on a practical example of the Sustained Orderly Development and Commercialization marketing strategy developed earlier by Dr. Aitken. Click here for document.

Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Future. PDF file (1 MB file size) of a White Paper for governments prepared by Donald Aitken under commission to the International Solar Energy Society (www.ises.org), with support by the European Union. Released in press conferences in Berlin and Brussels in November, 2003, this policy paper includes the following: discussion on steering a correct course through a global energy transition and new elements driving public policy toward a renewable energy transition; presentations of the characteristics and potential of the renewable energy resources (bioenergy, geothermal, wind and solar) for economic development over at least the next 20 years; policies and market-based incentives to accelerate the application of the renewable energy resources; the role of R&D in supporting the renewable energy transition; and two comprehensive national clean energy policy models (United States proposed, and Germany actual). Click here for pdf file.

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