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Best 7 Floor Tiles to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Best 7 Floor Tiles to Upgrade Your Kitchen

You may find it a daunting task to choose the best floor tiles for your kitchens. The prevailing reason is that there are plenty of picky options available for you in different tile stores, whether online or offline.  

Without a doubt, the sheer amount of choice available can make you feel overwhelmed and thereby leaving you in a confused state. Whereas you don’t get the same headache when choosing the right floor tiles for other rooms in your home. Because you often have the much-known limited options for those places. 

What makes it more complicated is that there are more other factors you need to consider other than the beautiful look when choosing the perfect floor tiles for your kitchen; the floor tiles you install in your kitchen should not only look gorgeous but also can stand the pressure of daily use as well as the most anticipated threat of moisture, humidity, and water which seems to be inevitable. 

Besides, you will also need to be careful in choosing the right color texture, shape, size, and likes. That is because it wouldn’t look nice if the feel of your kitchen is not in harmony with what you have in other rooms in the home. 

To help you make the right decision, I have helped you to compile a list of high-quality floor tiles to upgrade your kitchen to a luxurious standard. Here are the best seven available in the present market.

1. Ceramic Floor Tiles

If you are familiar with the top-ranked kitchen floor tiles, you would have heard the name ceramic a couple of times. Indeed, ceramic floor tile is among the most common floor tiles used for kitchen upgrades. 

Ceramic Tile Backsplashes: Pictures, Ideas & Tips From HGTV | HGTV

Most interior designers and home improvement experts cannot do without these floor tiles. One of the primary reasons it is becoming more popular by the day is its incredible moisture and stain resistance. Glazed ceramic floor tiles come with more humidity resistance. 

Aside from all that, ceramic floor tiles are incredibly durable on kitchen floors. Typically, the kitchen is a place where common accidents like a drooped pot, plate, and some other kitchen items can occur, which can cause severe damage to the flooring. That is why you need to consider ceramic floor tiles to prevent your kitchen flooring from getting damaged in a short time. 

Even if your ceramic floor tiles are damaged, all you need to do is replace the damaged part – not the entire flooring as it is in the case of some other kitchen flooring options. 

2. Porcelain Floor Tiles 

These floor tiles are very similar to ceramic floor tiles in terms of durability and water resistance, but porcelain provides all that in a higher dimension. Unarguably, porcelain floor tiles are among the most durable kitchen floor tiles you can ever buy. They are super strong that they are recommended for commercial kitchens where the stress and pressure are higher. 

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Porcelain floor tiles are also cost-effective. They are easy to clean and maintain. Since they have a high stain-resistant capacity, you will not have to frequently deep clean your kitchen floor now and then.

3. Travertine Floor Tiles 

Travertine floor tiles are becoming more common in kitchens. Travertine is a kind of limestone that comes with natural charm. That, and many other reasons, have added to its popularity among other kitchen floor tiles options. You can get travertine floor tiles mostly in earth tomes like rust, brown, and tan.

Another reason you may have to choose travertine floor tiles is their amazing eco-friendliness. You can completely recycle it, it’s 100 percent biodegradable, and you can use it in its natural form.  You can read about A Complete DIY Guide on How to Install Your Floor Tiles by visiting

Travertine Kitchen Floor Design Ideas, Cost and Tips

What seems to be a low point for travertine floor tiles is that it requires more maintenance. For instance, if you install it in a kitchen with too much moisture, you will have to regularly install a barrier surface sealer and a penetrating sealer to preserve the flooring for more extended use.

4. Slate Floor Tiles 

You will love slate floor tiles for their incredibly gorgeous natural beauty. Installing these floor tiles in your kitchen will constantly remind you of the uniqueness and comforting feel of the natural world.

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Without a doubt, slate floor tiles are among the most attractive flooring options you can use to beautify your kitchen. That is because each slate tile doesn’t look alike. Aside from its beautiful look, slate floor tiles are solid and durable. They can withstand scr5atches, cracks, chips, and more.

5. Marble Floor Tiles 

If you are looking for floor tiles that can help transform your kitchen into an elegant space with a luxurious feel, marble floor tiles are your best option. Not many floor tiles options can give you what marble tiles will provide. 

What You Should Know About Marble Flooring | DIY

Marble floor tiles are gorgeous. You will always find it in several high-end, ultra-luxurious kitchens that homeowners are more concerned about functionality and beauty. 

Marble tiles give you a wide variety of colors and a highly polished surface, which allows all other colors to shine more brightly in harmony. Though marble floor tiles are solid and durable, you will have to apply sealer periodically to reduce the amount of wear and tear. 

You should keep in mind that marble floor tiles are the most expensive flooring options for the kitchen.

6. Granite Floor Tiles 

Aside from marble, granite is another floor tiles option that is more common in luxurious kitchens. So, I guess you already know your options if you are more concerned about the elegant look and feel. 

Granite floor tiles allow you to get more creative with your designs. Giving you the advantage to bring out the exact picture you have in mind. You can get granite floor tiles in different colors, and they are as durable for everyday use.

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One thing that seems a low point for granite floor tiles is their slipperiness. So, you might afford to pour liquid on the floor when you are cooking.

7. Onyx Floor Tiles 

Onyx floor tiles belong to the family of natural stones, and they work well on the kitchen floor. These floor tiles can perfectly project the luxurious look of your kitchen space and make it look inviting.  Click here to read about how to get natural stones for flooring.

Onyx Crystal 24X24 Polished Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile - Floor Tiles USA

The materials of these floor tiles are soft which tend to scratch easily when used regularly. 

Final Words

Cooking becomes more accessible when the kitchen is more comfortable and safer for the necessary activities. You need to spend more on your kitchen to give it a more befitting look and increase its functionality in every other room in your home. A pick among any of the above-listed floor tiles options will provide you with both without spending much.